STU's Jamaican Jerk Bloody Mary Mix

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Looking for a Spicy Bloody Mary Mix? 

Our Jamaican Jerk flavored Bloody Mary concentrate is the spiciest of the 3 flavors of STUs.
Made from our Classic flavor as the base, but we add just the right amount of Jerk flavoring to give this mix the spicy kick you're looking for.
  • 16 ounces (makes up to 16 drinks) 
  • All Natural Ingredients 
  • NO MSG. No Artificial Preservatives.
  • Only 5 Calories per 1oz serving.
  • Keto Diet and Low Carb Friendly (0 carbohydrates)
  • Gluten-Free
  • Long Lasting: Can keep refrigerated up to 6 months after opening.
  • Versatile: One bottle can be used perfectly with tomato juice, Clamato, or any other juice preference. 

Jamaican Jerk

Spicy Bloody Mary Seasoning


Just mix 1-2 oz of STUs Jamaican Jerk Bloody Mary Seasoning and 5-6 oz of tomato juice along with a splash of your spirit of choice. Serve over ice and you've just made a Bloody Mary that the best bartender would envy. 

Stu's Jamaican Jerk Bloody Mary Mix brings the flavor of Jamaica Jerk seasoning to your favorite cocktail. Use this Bloody Mary concentrate to create an awesome bloody mary that will help take your brunch, tailgate or weekend to the next level.

Comes in 16 oz bottles. Makes up to 16 drinks!

Note: For a GREAT alternative to a traditional bloody mary, try with Rum.

The bloody mary photo was taken at the Railcar in Omaha Ne, winner of Omaha's Best Brunch. Their bloody Mary, The Jerk uses STU's Jamaican Jerk Bloody Mary Concentrate Mix.

Other Flavors Available:

Also if spicey Bloody Mary's is your thing, you can try the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce that comes in our Bloody Mary Kit.

When Does My Order Ship?

We batch ship 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
* Orders received before 2:00 PM EST on one of our shipping days will be processed and shipped the same day.
* Orders received after 2:00PM EST will be processed and shipped out the following shipping day.

How Many Drinks Come in a Bottle?

It depends on how you like your Bloody Mary. But each bottle makes up to 16 drinks.

Does STU'S BLOODY MARY' Concentrate have to be refrigerated?

Before opening, no. After opening, yes we encourage it.

When does Stu's mixes expire?

Unopened- never. Opened- 6 months. Does Stu's mixes have tomato juice in them? Nope! Tomato juice is not included, essentially the mix is a bunch of spices, allowing you to be flexible with how you use it- it's a great steak marinade! So why don't we mix in the tomato juice for you?

Its Simple...options! The perfect bloody mary is about ratio. That's what Stu's Bloody Mary Mix has perfected. The exact ratio of spices and seasoning to make a perfect bloody mary. Everything is a personal preference.
Do you like Clamato juice? Kick ass, substitute it for the tomato juice with no problems.
Do you prefer a more ‘tomato-ey’ flavor for your bloody? Easy, use only one ounce instead of two and let the tomato juice shine.
Do you prefer organic vine-ripe tomato juice packed in season? We do too and we dare you fine a better tasting cocktail.
See, that's just too many personal preferences. We aren't in the business of telling people how to make a bloody mary. We just want to be there to guide you down the path to make the perfect bloody mary for YOU and your personal preference. What else do I need with Stu’s Bloody Mary mix? One bottle of Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix, a fifth of vodka or another clear spirit. 3-4 quarts of tomato juice (homemade or store-bought), and friends (unless you like to drink alone). How do I make a Bloody Mary? Find out how to make a classic Bloody Mary and her cousins on Stu’s recipe page:

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