Making a bloody mary is no easy task. So we wanted to recognize the restaurants in each state that have the best bloody mary! We took it upon ourselves to sift through and find the very best bloody marys in each state. All of the bloody marys on this list had the best reviews! If you're visiting somewhere or even live in these states, then you should take it upon yourself to get out and give these a shot. 

Alabama | Brick & Spoon


If you want breakfast in Orange Beach, Brick & Spoon has you covered. Great crab, shrimp and eggs benedict, all with your choice of a custom bloody mary!


Alaska | Humpy's Alehouse

We aren't Alaskan experts by any means. Humpy's would be our recommendation if you are looking to grab a bite to eat somewhere that has a local vibe and delicious bloody mary. 


Arizona | The Hash Kitchen

The Hash Kitchen. Badass name, badass bloody marys. What more could you ask for? I mean, look at that bloody mary bar. Your mouth ought to be salivating just looking at it. Wonderfully decorated with a bloody mary bar that is second to none. Get yourself one.


Arkansas | Mud Street Cafe

We're on a roll with the cool names so far. Mud Street is a small little place to get together and enjoy some fantastic food and a delicious bloody mary. Best part is that they make you feel like you're at home.


 California | Burgee Dave's at the Mayo

What a beautiful sight this is. Look at those bloody marys! We knew California was going to be one of the tougher states to find the best, but who would have known we would find a gem like this! Clearly these people are doing it right. 


Colorado | Westside Cafe & Market 

Westside is a fantastic place to get some breakfast before you hit the mountains. They get you in and out quickly, allowing you more time to spend on the mountain where you want to be. Their bloody mary is fantastic and a great way to start your day after a long night. 


Connecticut | Valencia Luncheria

If you find yourself in Norwalk, make your way over to Valencia Luncheria for a fantastic bloody mary. Foreign flavors and Spanish cultural influence give this place a great atmosphere different from the norm. Good on them for killing the bloody mary game too.


Delaware | The Starboard

Good little establishment here. Look at this lad, how could you not want to show up and spend some time getting to know him and his fantastic beard? Their bloodies are fantastic, the food is fantastic and the people are fantastic. Get in there, people!


Florida | Tree Bar

If you want a good atmosphere, this is the place for you. They squeeze their juices fresh and their bloody marys are to die for. Unique cocktails and great food awaits you, what are you waiting for?!


 Georgia | The Cotton Exchange

Solid seafood dining needs to accompany a good bloody mary. The Cotton Exchange makes theirs from a homemade recipe. They also offer great grits, chicken and shrimp. Wonderful atmosphere houses all of this, creating a culture of fun.


Hawaii | La Spezia

Some more foreign influence, which is wonderful. A family run restaurant with wonderful Italian food and a great wine selection. On top of it all? A bloody mary bar. No surprise there. We are suckers for foreign influence. If you find yourself in Koloa, make sure to hit this place up.


Idaho | Fork

Bloody mary bar with excellent service and fantastic decor. Look at that picture, it looks like the perfect place to spend your morning recovering. Hell, I'd spend my night in a place like that. Food's delicious too, so there's really no going wrong with this place. 


Illinois | Route 12 Bar & Grill

Meet the Mega Mary. My, oh my, that is a beautiful sight. Forget the best bloody mary in Illinois, this might be the best bloody mary in the country. It's a drink and an appetizer all wrapped into one. If you leave here without trying it, you've made a huge mistake. 


Indiana | Don Hall's Factory

Wonderful food is the cornerstone of Don Hall's, but that doesn't come without the compliment of a fantastic bloody mary. The garnishes are great, and the bloody is spicy. Great atmosphere, too. What more could you possibly want?


Iowa | Americana Restaurant and Lounge

The midwest came to play on this list. Americana has one good looking bloody mary here and we think you should definitely give it a try. Give the bloody mary bar a try and enjoy some good food. Where else would you rather be?


Kansas | Bite Me BBQ

We love BBQ and we love bloody marys. Combine the two and you've got yourself one hell of a bloody mary. You're getting the best of both worlds, a bloody mary that tastes fantastic and garnishes that will have your mouth watering. 


Kentucky | Otto's 

A nice change of pace here as the people from Otto's offer something simple and quaint. A nice tasting bloody mary doesn't need to always be elaborate. Get the right mix of flavors and spice and you'll end up with the fantastic concoction that is the bloody mary from Otto's. 


Louisiana | Daisy Dukes

This is a wonderful looking bloody mary. Anything with seafood sticking out of it is getting our attention. If it comes from New Orleans, you know you have to try it. Daisy Dukes has you covered for some delicious breakfast and the best damn bloody mary in the state. 


Maine | Hot Suppa

When in Maine, go to Hot Suppa. A seriously good bloody mary that, like some of its predecessors, is simple. Don't need to push any limits to get a good product out there. Kudos to these guys for keeping it simple and making something great. 


Maryland | Miss Shirley's 

Miss Shirley's has a homemade bloody mary that doubles as a meal, as it should. They stray away from the plain and simple. Check out that garnish. Just looking at it makes you want to drop everything and go. If you're from Baltimore, count yourself lucky. 


Massachusetts | Bostonia Public House

There's a lot going on in this one. Not sure exactly what we are looking at here. Maybe that's a bagel? There are fruits and veggies garnished on there as well. Everything is put together well, too. Looks fantastic, no matter what is going on here you get an A.


Michigan | Northern Latitudes Distillery

More simplicity and that's probably what you would expect from Michigan. There are probably more exquisite ones in the state, but as stated earlier, exciting doesn't always mean it is good. These guys have a good looking, simple, well-tasting bloody mary that you've got to try. 


 Minnesota | Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen has a great reputation in the Minneapolis area. The food is to die for. Plenty of different options and everything is fantastic. The service is fantastic. The bloody marys? Well, the picture sort of speaks for itself don't you think? #jackedup


Mississippi | Bayview Gourmet Restaurant

Hey there, simple bloody mary. Thank you, Bayview, for putting together a wonderfully tasteful bloody mary. It is everything you could want and more from a bloody in its simplest state. 


Missouri | Rooster

The best bloody mary in Missouri comes from Saint Louis. Are you surprised? The picture gives you a glimpse of the food as well. Everything seems sorted here. Go get yourself one.


Montana | Montana Distillery

Just by looking at this thing you can tell it's hearty. Like a meal in a glass. A mason glass, at that. Wonderful stuff from the Montana Distillery. Good work. 


Nebraska | Report In Pub

Oh, Nebraska. You never disappoint us. What a wonderful sight we have here. Burgers, onion rings and the like piled high on top of a spicy red beaut. Whoever is standing behind these masterpieces must feel like a king atop his throne. Well done, Nebraska. You've made us proud.


Nevada | Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar

 This looks like on delicious bloody mary in Vegas! Go big or go home, right? The reviews on this monster are superb. It definitely looks like a must try bloody mary.


New Hampshire | Tumbledown Farms Cafe

Any restaurant you go to, you want to be have a welcoming atmosphere and Tumbledown is no different. Fantastic food and a great breakfast. If you are in New Hampshire and are looking for a delicious breakfast, look no further. 


New Jersey | The Mad Batter

The first thing you'll notice upon arrival at this wonderful place is the cleanliness. The atmosphere is wonderful and along with the clean place, it is the perfect place to be. You can tell that they take their bloody marys seriously. We have advised you to take your bloody marys to the next level and these guys have done just that. And that name? Love it. 


New Mexico | Thunderbird Bar and Grill

Judging by this bloody mary we can tell that this is somewhere you want to be. There's just no mistaking a perfect bloody mary in an atmosphere that makes you want to enjoy yourself alongside the company of others. 


New York | The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club has a wonderful array of flavorful foods for everyone to try. No matter what tastes your family or friends have, they have something to please everyone. The bloody marys are fantastic, too. Not like you needed much convincing, anyway. Grab your buds, play some 80's music and head over to The Breakfast Club. 


North Carolina

To answer the question asked by our East coast brethren: no, they haven't. You absolutely must get into this place and give the bloody mary a try, you won't be disappointed. If you're into grits, this place has grits that must be tasted to believe how good they are. 


North Dakota | Peacock Alley

Okay, besides having the best damn name for a restaurant we've seen so far on this list, these guys have one awesome bloody mary. Garnished simply, yet elegantly and ready to devour, you can't go wrong with whatever you decide to get here. Everything is delicious!


Ohio | Joe's Bar and Restaurant

Don't pretend like you aren't a fan of bloody marys in a plastic cup. You definitely are, you might just not know it yet. Especially when you're seeing a pickle spear and a sausage sticking out of the top, you have to be wanting one. Joe's has you covered for good food and a delicious bloody. 

Oklahoma | Kilkennys

Okay, we get it. You aren't thrilled about our decision to put the simple bloody as the winner here. The thing is, that rose is just complementing it so well. Along with the spicy flavor and simple presentation, this bloody comes quick and custom to order!

Oregon | Victorian Cafe

We had the same reaction as her when we saw this bloody mary. It is basically a meal in itself, seems like a fitting name for it if you had to name it. Onions, a meatball and some pepperjack cheese. That is a wonderful start to a Sunday morning if I've ever seen it. 


Pennsylvania | Luke Wholey's Wild Alaskan Grille 

This is the most aesthetically appealing bloody mary you will see on this list. We have featured these guys on our blog before and for good reason. Look at that thing! It is wonderful! The taste is perfect, but the garnish is something else.


Rhode Island | Caleb & Broad

If you couldn't tell by now, we are suckers for the simple bloody mary. If you are an establishment looking to perfect your bloody marys, make them simply at first and get that mastered. Then, you can move onto more elegant things. Caleb & Broad have one good looking simple bloody here. 


South Carolina | Pages Okra Grill

Want some chilled dills in your bloody mary? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you want something like that? We are all in for some chilled dills in the bloody mary and you should be too. Pages Okra has a really good bloody mary and we think everyone should get out and give it a try. Kudos!


South Dakota | Mavericks

The bloody from Mavericks doesn't appear to be anything too special, nothing fancy about it. Actually, we're glad, because it tastes so good. It doesn't take a cheeseburger garnish to make a bloody mary taste good. You need to get yourself out here and give it a shot. 


Tennessee | Automatic Slim's Restaurant

Oh, my! A salted rim! Why don't more bloody marys have a salted rim? Wake up, people! This is a very important detail when it comes to making the perfect bloody mary! Automatic Slim's has done a wonderful job spicing up this simple bloody mary.

Texas | South Congress Cafe

There have been rumblings that this is one of the best bloody marys in the country. Obviously, we are going to stay objectively neutral, here. I mean, everyone on this list deserves to be in the discussion. We love the fruit garnish.


Utah | St. Regis Bar at Deer Valley

If you find yourself in Park City and need a bloody mary before or after your ski day, St. Regis is the place to go. Cozy atmosphere with cocktails that get better every time you visit. The views are stunning and the place offers outdoor deck seating. Get yourself in here and try one of these bloodies! I mean, look at how pretty it is!


Vermont | Bar 802

We have to come clean with you guys. Vermont left us with very few options for top of the line bloody marys. Eventually, we landed on Bar 802's, as seen here. It is about a simple as they come, with the standard garnish you would expect to see as well. Nevertheless, reviews were good!


Virginia | Hair of the Dog Eatery

More salted rims, more pickle spears, more of the same from Hair of the Dog. Standard, but good. Just how we like it. Delicious, but not overdone. We wouldn't want it any other way.


Washington | Lowell's

Lowell's looks like a wonderfully family-friendly establishment. The perfect place to take your kids for some brunch and enjoy a nice bloody mary. The personalized garnish is awesome, and you can tell it tastes delicious from the picture.


West Virginia | The French Goat

The Bloody Marie definitely sounds French to us -we wouldn't know the difference- and the taste is out of this world. The garnish...not so French, but that's not why we chose it! Everything seems to be in order here, a simple bloody that grabs your attention and gets your mouth watering.


Wisconsin | Sobelman's Pub & Grill

Listen, we aren't even putting this up for discussion. THE BEST bloody marys come from Wisconsin. There, we said it. It was impossible for us to choose the best, there were so many options. Wicked Hop and Honey Bear both had good ones as well. Moral of the story: if you want a good bloody mary, chances are you'll find it in Wisconsin. This one from Sobelman's is a damn masterpiece. 


Wyoming | Steamboats Steak & Smokehouse

Listen people: serve your bloody marys in 32 ounce mugs, please. It is badass, gives your guests more to enjoy and gives you a thick glass to pack on the garnishes. Steamboats haa themselves quite the little bloody here, certainly one that we would recommend you go and try. Your tastebuds will thank you. 


There you have it, folks. There are 50 of the best bloody marys you can find in this country. If you're in the area, check back to this list and see if you can mosey on over to some of these places to give them a try for yourself. We promise, you won't be disappointed. While you're at it, take them some Stu's and have them try it out for themselves!

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