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The Ultimate List of Bloody Mary Ingredients For the Perfect Bloody Mary.

Putting together the perfect bloody mary can be a task. Sure, there’s the basic bloody mary ingredients: tomato juice, sriracha and vodka... but that is incredibly boring. Stu has taken some serious time to build the perfect bloody concoction, with the perfect bloody mary ingredients. And guess what? Stu’s mix doesn’t even have tomato juice in it, because truthfully, that’s the last ingredient that you should be worried about, yes you still need it- but it’s not what makes a bloody mary a legit bloody mary.

Bloody Mary Bar Ideas

So, you would consider yourself quite the amateur bartender, eh? Or a swell party hoster? Or maybe just a bloody mary fan?  Well, no matter what you are, as long as you like bloody marys, we like you. And we want your guests to like you too. So we put together this little reminder with tips from us on how to make a bad ass bloody mary bar.