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Spicy Meatballs

Throw these spicy meatballs on a tooth pick and put them in your bloody mary....because, why wouldn't you? Delicious! 


If you're someone who cares about how your Bloody Mary looks, and ultimately tastes, then you have to take everything seriously. That includes your tomato juice. Sure, it's easy to go to the store and pick up a basic can of tomato juice that's going to get the job done. But you're not like everyone else, you're special. You want this magic elixir to taste like it came from you! So, why not do it yourself? Besides, everyone knows you're a leader, not a follower.

Nothing like bringing in the holiday season with some festive alcoholic beverages, right? We thought your interest might be peaked. That's why we've come up with our special holiday Bloody 'Merry' recipe for you.

Pretty self-explanatory. You want the best Bloody Mary you've ever tasted? Well..then here you go! Easy. Done. Boom.